Contact Original Orange

For all initial enquiries please email me at:


What I need

Please attach the document you would like me to work on in Microsoft Word (a text document if you don't use Word) or, if it is very long, a few sample pages with a note of the total number of pages.

I normally work back and forth by email but if you would like me to phone you to discuss your work, include your phone number with international code or your Skype, Live Messenger or Google Talk username.

Other useful info

Also to help me get a clear idea of your requirements please let me know the following:

  • Your deadline
  • Information that will help me understand your writing and the readership you’re writing for
  • The intended publishing medium – website, newsletter, magazine, book, e-book and any style guides that you are working with
  • US or UK English required as the standard
  • If you would like me to work on copy for an existing website, please include the site URL