My name is Kit Heathcock. Original Orange is my soubriquet for my business of dotting i's, crossing t's and declaring war on the split infinitive.

I am a writer of articles, website content and a personal blog - Food and Family. I am experienced in copyediting and proofreading websites, checking links and paying sensitive attention to SEO detail, such as keyword positioning. I have proofread travel brochures, cookbooks, school newsletters and magazines, business newsletters and e-books.


I have a degree in French and Italian and spent seven years working and travelling in Italy, which gave me a wide knowledge of Italian culture, food, history and literature. I later ran a photographic studio in London and have also done a stint in magazine production there. I am now a freelance copyeditor and writer working from home.


Other interests and areas of special knowledge include photography, food and cooking, children, alternative medicine, numerology. I am based near Cape Town, South Africa so also have plenty of local knowledge of food, wine, places and culture.

I look forward to working with you.